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SincereFirst Cmos Imaging Module Camera Module Factory


SINCERE FIRST CAMERA MODULE OEM/ODM CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION Services Individual Development & OEM/ODM CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION Services In addition to our standard product lines, Sincere also offers cost-effective individual Development Services for hardware, firmware and software solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer specific developments range from completely re-designed housing variants and multi-head cameras to sensor design-in’s and white-labelling. Our technical specialists provide every single imaging step as an individual service for your required product idea:
    • Specification Generation
    • Camera concepts: from circuit layout to single- or multi-board designs
    • Firmware Conception
    • Driver Development
    • USB 3.0 Vision, Linux, ARM, GigE Vision
    • Camera Equipping
    • Camera Construction
    • Batch Production
    • Housing Design and Development
    • 3D Printer Solutions
    • Vision Technology Concept
    • imaging and vision solutions
    • integrated, complex and customized technology
    • machine vision solutions
    • Embedded Systems solutions
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Future Security
    • optical technology solutions
    • customized solutions
    • Internet of Things End-to-End Solution
    • Iris recognition technology
    • Iris Solutions
    • Face recognition
    • UAV solutions
    • Drone solutions
    • aerial filming solutions
    • optical Technology solutions
    • camera module Solutions
    • camera solutions
    • Optronics Solutions
    • Imaging Technology Solutions
    • video technology solutions
    • optoelectonic research
    • VR High End Camera Solutions
    • Smart home solutions
    • Intelligent hardware solutions
In addition to true custom development, our modular Open Hardware Concept provides you a cost effective and easy solution where you can choose different standard sensor boards, interfaces and housing options. We are your specialist for flexible solutions, customisation and tailor-made cameras.

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